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Opulent. Eclectic. Neoclassical.

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VickyHeldan Interior Design has released photo graphs of PROJECT ZUR” is a Neoclassic, eclectic living space

Reminiscent of the old Hollywood glam with eclec- tic jive of oriental feels and Nordic palettes, the Project Zur is a lavish home that conveys sophis-tication on every turn. Captivating you further are the glittering champaign hues, organic tones, and textures that just look absolutely stunning.

Opulent but welcoming, the luxurious medley starts with your nude pastels that create a soothing atmo- sphere. Wrapped around with golden flutings and crystal droplets, are the stunning luminaire lights up the stage and creates a focal point amidst the striking décor and furniture.

Another golden trinket that creates the spaces’ ritzy spectacle is the gold-framed mirror that is set against the striking resin finished wall and sideboard furniture. The rich mahogany wood grain with ebony undertones under- neath the epoxy sheath just adds that sumptuous look to this gorgeous dining area.

Continuing the lavish textures to the floor, the soft veining on the white marbled floor adds another organic touch
to the room. While defining areas, a geometric patterned floor breaks away from your stark white floors. Taking cue to this geometric pattern are the intricate rectangular moldings that line up the door panels on your entryway.

Another line border for you is found on your dining chairs, where black lining defines the curve-shaped seats.

Speaking of seats, you can’t help notice this club barrel chair in emerald leatherette. As they say, a home shouldn’t be a showroom, but this iconic chair of the 1950s is more than just for show as it is an inviting, cozy spot that settles you to simply to enjoy the visual spectacle.

Pairing your emerald club chair is an interesting side table with a geometric design. Again, for a cohe- sive look, you’ll find a similar black jade-colored lamp beside, a perfect company for your coffee books collection.

The lush green continuous through your coffee table and is further accentuated with the natural plants sprinkled throughout the space. The living room projects a more oriental feel with its working colors of black, green, and white hues but with a more fluid movement with curved sofa lounges and seats.

Another harmonious treat is your geo- metric patterned floor tiling that has
a similar labyrinth design as the tiles underneath your dining side table but this time in nude hues. To comple- ment the pastel peach floor, a similar warm color luminesces from the coffered ceilings, lined up to highlight your floor-to-ceiling windows.

These lovely Venice vases and lamps covered in glass thorns, adding another layer of texture to your interior space.

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